Passionate About
Commercial Vehicles


E-mobility is the future. Environmental regulations are getting stricter, companies are getting “greener”, and technology is advancing rapidly. That’s why we are already investing heavily in the possibilities of electric driving. For example, by participating in the E-concrete project, part of the Demonstration Climate Technologies and Innovations in Transport (DKTI transport). For this project – initiated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO) – we converted the diesel unit of a concrete mixer into an electric version. As of January 2021, the world’s first electrically powered 8x4 concrete mixer has been mobile throughout the Rotterdam region. Not stopping there, we also have various electrically powered vans available for lease and rental.


By the way, our own fleet is already completely emissions-free. Our charging stations are fed with the energy generated by the 500 solar panels attached to our roofs. This way, we reduce our energy costs and do our part to combat climate change.